4 Jan 2023
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5 Jun 2018
Health Insurance Requirement for Retirement Visa In Thailand
What are the insurance requirements for getting the 10 years retirement Visa? This article will discuss the minimum insurance requirements for the 10 year visa.
28 Jun 2017
Motor Insurance Glossary
Simple terminologies that everyone should know when purchasing Motor Insurance.
17 May 2017
Personal Accident Insurance vs. Health Insurance
The difference between Personal Accident and Health Insurance.
17 Apr 2017
Insurance companies offer 5% discount on net premiums for vehicles equipped with Dash Camera (Dashboard Video Camera)
11 Apr 2017
Expat Guide to Car Insurance in Thailand
Confused about Car Insurance, we can explain this to you.
4 Apr 2017
Expat Guide To Motorcycle Insurance in Thailand
What you need to know about Motorcycle Insurance in Thailand.
28 Mar 2017
Home Insurance in Thailand, what you need to know?
For your peace of mind, read up on the benefits of Home Insurance
20 Mar 2017
3 Insurance-Buying Mistakes to Avoid
What not to do, when buying insurance for yourself or for your family.
4 Mar 2017
Mister Prakan & Motors(Thailand) announce Integration Partnership
Mister Prakan & Motors.co.th launches new tools allowing users to compare insurance with ease
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15 Feb 2017
5 foods to eat for better memory.
Brain Food : 5 Foods to eat for Better Memory
14 Feb 2017
Top 10 Health Insurance companies in Thailand
Most popular health insurance companies in Thailand that you should know!
16 Dec 2016
What are the exclusions when it comes to health insurance?
Understand the exclusions when applying for health insurance
7 Dec 2016
Pre-existing conditions? What you need to know.
What you need to know about pre-existing conditions.
28 Nov 2016
Choosing The Right Insurance Provider
How do you know if your're choosing the right provider?
2 Sep 2016
5 myths about Health insurance
Myths about health insurance that you need to be aware of.
19 Aug 2016
Why Using an Insurance Broker is better than going direct?
Here are the reasons why using an insurance broker is better than going directly to the insurance company.
27 Jul 2016
How to buy an Individual Health Plan.
Individual health plans are much more complicated than company health plans, what is the difference and how to go through with it?
27 Jul 2016
Waiting Period in Health Insurance
Waiting period in Health Insurance, why do insurance companies have it?
14 Jun 2016
5 Things to ask before the big move
Moving to another country can be taxing, the best way to go about is to have a guideline of what to do before you move.
26 Apr 2016
How to apply for Health Insurance?
Applying for Health Insurance in Thailand. Requirements and questions you should ask.
6 Apr 2016
Should you go for high health insurance cover?
There's so much to choose from, how much health insurance cover do I really need?
24 Mar 2016
Difference between Accident Insurance and Health Insurance
What kind of Insurance do you have? Accident or Health?
22 Mar 2016
Thailand: Good healthcare and a place to retire
Health Insurance considerations - Retiring in Thailand
18 Mar 2016
How Health Insurance Works?
How does health insurance work? How does the amount I pay settle the medical bills in the future?
16 Mar 2016
Why Travel Insurance is important?
The importance of travel insurance and why it’s necessary for travelers.
14 Mar 2016
Lets talk about coverage
Insurance coverage guide for Insurance newbies. Let us list down the different types of Insurance coverage for you
10 Mar 2016
What you need to know about Health Insurance Coverage
Health Insurance coverage and the exclusions that are normal
10 Mar 2016
Health Insurance Options in Thailand
What options do you have for Health Insurance in Thailand?
1 Mar 2016
Expat Guide to Thailand Health Insurance
Examining the state of medical provision and health insurance for expats in Thailand