Pre-existing conditions? What you need to know.

Pre-existing conditions? What you need to know.

Buying health insurance while you’re still young and healthy is always the safest bet. The good thing about this is that you will be covered if your body decides to betray you in the long run. Most companies in Thailand would not cover your for your pre-existing conditions, especially if it’s a chronic problem. If you had a problem before and it’s completely healed, insurance companies would require you to submit a medical exam or anything that can prove that you have completely recovered. For pre-existing conditions the most common that we encounter are: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout and diabetes.

These conditions are very common, especially for adults aged 50 and up and they are excluded immediately. There are some companies who charge clients more if they want their pre-existing conditions covered but in Thailand, its very hard to find a company that will do that. Some international companies offer a co-pay when it comes to pre-existing conditions but then the premium will still be more.

There is no way around your pre-existing conditions, the best way is always to choose a good company and stick to that company so that your conditions will be covered once your body decides to betray you. But most people don’t see health insurance as an investment, and only sign up once there is cause. This is the mistake people do, the good thing about having health insurance when we’re healthy is that, when the time comes that we’re not, we do have someone to back us up and our savings will be safe because health insurance will handle the finances. Talk to your insurance broker today or find out what kind of insurance is best for you. Check out Mister Prakan Comparison Website for more details.