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Types of Travel insurance in Thailand

Travel Insurance is a must for anyone traveling, the best way to be safe for unforeseen expenses is to be insured. There are so many stories about travellers getting stuck in a place that is not their home because of huge medical bills they cannot pay. The best way to travel is to travel with peace of mind.

Outbound Travel Insurance (Medical Only) - Going out of Thailand

Outbound Travel Insurance means you are going out of your country of residence (Thailand). This type of insurance will include Personal Accident Cover for Death and Dismemberment and Medical Expenses for illnesses and injuries.

Outbound Travel Insurance - Going out of Thailand

There is also a more comprehensive Outbound Travel Insurance that covers more than just Death and Dismemberment and Medical Expenses for Illness and Injuries. This type of Travel Insurance will have coverage for Medical Evacuation, Repatriation, Repatriation of Mortal Remains, Trip Postponement, Trip Cancellation. Some policies also cover loss of money, loss of baggage. This type of insurance is tailor made for travelers and provides coverage for some of the unfortunate events that might occur when traveling.

Inbound Travel Insurance - Coming to Thailand

Inbound Travel Insurance covers you in Thailand. If you are a tourist and you are only here for a short period of time, this is what is recommended for you. Clients usually ask about health insurance for 2 months or 3 months only, but Health Insurance contracts are only annual. If you are in Thailand for a vacation or a short business trip, this is the insurance for you.

To find the best plans for car and yourself, you must always compare between available plans and options and also take a look at the terms and conditions from both of the insurance companies and the OIC thoroughly.

Steps to buy Outbound Travel Insurance in Thailand

Buying outbound travel insurance is simple & easy

To apply for outbound travel insurance, you can buy them directly online and get your purchased policies via Email :

  1. Apply through our website or contact a customer service representative.
  2. Pay Invoice Premium
  3. You’re covered.
  4. The original documents (policy) will be sent to your email.

Buying inbound travel insurance is simple & easy

To apply for inbound travel insurance, the steps will be as below :

  1. Apply through our website or contact a customer service representative.
  2. Submit a copy of your Passport or National ID. (Not all companies require this, this is only required for Inbound Travel Insurance)
  3. Pay Invoice Premium
  4. You’re covered.
  5. Your coverage policy will be sent to your via E-mail, if you are applying for Annual insurance a card may be sent to your specified address depending on the company.

You can send addtional documents to us by LINE Chat with us or by Email

Peace of Mind Guaranteed!

Travel Insurance is more important than YOU think.


1 Accidents Happen All The Time!


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3 Coverage is Upto 10,000,000 Baht!

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