Motorbike Insurance Thailand SUZUKI GD110

motorbike insurance thailand SUZUKI GD110
Motorbike insurance SUZUKI GD110

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Big Bikes are selling fast in Thailand now, it has become a popular mode of transportation in Thailand. In the past 3-4 years, there has been a 30% increase in sales in in Thailand which is not a surprise as Big Bikes are considered as alternatives to cars.


Big Bikes are considered to be selling fast in Thailand now, SUZUKI GD110 is one of the good bikes to consider. SUZUKI is one of the best bike brand names in the market and there is no doubt why this is a prefered brand.

In addition, SUZUKI brand has built a name for themselves when it comes to motorcycles. The GD110 is one of the models that are popular now. With its stylish design and style, its fuel efficiency and soft suspension it makes driving feel like a breeze.

Talking about Insurance for the SUZUKI GD110, this bike is considered to be in a group based from insurance companies in Thailand and have the seats of 2 seats and engine size of 113 cc. and the weight of and the average price of 39,900 Baht.

Motorbike insurance for SUZUKI GD110

Mainly, the Motorcycle Insurance for the SUZUKI GD110 is divided into four main categories by the insurance companies, you can compare prices for motorbike insurance thailand or click the button to check the price instantly

Motorbike insurance SUZUKI GD110 1st Class

Only available for new bikes - 5 years of age

1st class insurance for SUZUKI GD110 is considered to be the most popular category as this coverage is fully comprehensive although most companies offer a deductible / excess per accident. The coverage includes, damage to the bike, bike repair, fire and theft and also includes third party insurance and Bail Bond. This is the best insurance coverage for your car.

Motorbike insurance SUZUKI GD110 2nd Plus Class

Only available for new bikes - 5 years of age

2nd class Plus insurance for SUZUKI GD110 is also a popular type of insurance but this type of insurance will only offer a limited amount of coverage for the bike also includes third party insurance and Bail Bond.

Motorbike insurance SUZUKI GD110 3rd Plus Class

3rd class + insurance for SUZUKI GD110 is considered to be one of the types of insurance available to your bike. The coverage includes very limited for your bike and includes third party insurance and Bail Bond.

Motorbike Insurance SUZUKI GD110 3rd Class

3rd class Insurance for SUZUKI GD110 is the cheapest insurance available for your bike. This type is suitable for people who do not use the bike at all, there is no coverage for the bike but includes third party insurance and Bail Bond.

If you are interested in buying cover for your Bike, you can compare prices and see coverage details of coverage in our website.

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Motorbike Insurance Thailand
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