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Coverage of Health Insurance

There are many options to Health Insurance, most individuals would just get insurance for emergencies so they only require Inpatient option. Cover for doctor’s visits and procedures done that don’t require you to be admitted would be considered Outpatient. There are also things you add and remove like coverage for Dental and Vision. If you wish to lower the cost of your Health Premium, other’s put on a deductible or excess.

IPD / Inpatient Cover

Coverage for hospitalization purposes, meaning that you are admitted and required to stay overnight or a couple of days due to doctor’s recommendation.

OPD / Outpatient Cover

Coverage for doctor’s visits and outpatient procedures that do not require you to stay in the hospital for observation. This includes prescribed medications and lab exams that doctors prescribe.

Vision Cover

Coverage for Vision related concerns, this coverage includes prescribed eyeglasses or contacts or any exam or checkup related to your vision.

Dental Cover

Coverage for Dental related concerns, this coverage includes normal procedures, cleaning, fillings etc. This however does not cover anything related to cosmetic procedures.

Deductible / Excess

Helps lower the cost of your premium, a specified amount of money that the insured must pay before the insurance company will pay a claim.

Maternity Cover

Other insurance policies include Maternity cover, plans in Thailand do not have the option to take this out, it usually comes with the plan as a bonus or the plan is a much higher plan so it includes maternity coverage.

*Maternity coverage usually has a 10-month waiting period or 1 year, depending on what insurance company you decide to go with.

No claim bonus

Most but not all insurance companies offer a no claim bonus, should you have no claims for the year, some insurance companies give a 10% reward discount to clients so their premiums will be less.

To find the best plans for yourself, you must always compare between available plans and options and also take a look at the terms and conditions from both of the insurance companies and the OIC thoroughly.

Steps in Applying for health Insurance

Buying health insurance in Thailand is simple & easy

To apply for health insurance, we will need the documents from you as below (This applies to every insurance companies) :

  1. Apply via our website or contact our Customer Service Representative for Application form.
  2. Submit Copy of Passport with Verified Signature.
  3. Wait for Offer Letter.
  4. Accept Offer Letter.
  5. Pay the Invoice Premium
  6. You’re Covered.
  7. Original Policy and Card will be delivered to your specified address in 7-10 business days by Registered EMS.

*Some insurance companies require Work Permit and Visa Stamp. Others only require Application form and Passport Copy with Verified Signature.

You can send addtional documents to us by LINE Chat with us or by Email


Who can apply?

This all depends on the Insurance companies, with some insurance companies you can apply until 70 years old, but most insurance companies only accept new entries until the age of 64 or 60.

How much insurance coverage do I need?

Clients ask this question, usually when they are new to Thailand. Most clients just like insurance for emergencies so usually they go for the Basic Coverage for 600,000 baht to 1,200,000. Others want a more extensive cover for severe cases so coverage can go as high as 32,000,000.

Do I need outpatient coverage?

If a client is looking for insurance for emergencies only, we suggest that clients forgo Outpatient coverage, doctor’s visits can be cheap, especially if you go to the normal hospitals that are not known to be international.

If I apply today when will I be covered?

Most insurance companies have a 30 day waiting period when it comes to illnesses for emergent accidents, companies usually cover immediately. When buying Health insurance clear this up with your agent.

Will I be able to renew until I die?

Insurance companies usually have a age restriction, they will only cover you until your 80 or 90. Depending on the insurance company, so be sure to ask your agent until what age you are able to renew your health insurance.

I’m over 70 can I still buy Health Insurance?

The entry age for most insurance companies is 60 years old and below. Some offer entry until 64. The one’s that take clients over 65 are the international insurance companies and their premiums can be really expensive. We sometimes suggest our clients who are over 65 to see Personal Accident insurance as an option.

I have a kid or newborn, can I apply insurance for her only?

No. Most insurance companies require at least one parent to sign in with their minor. There are companies that allow kids to sign alone but the rates would be different. (Higher than applying with a parent)

Does Health Insurance coverage, cover me for accidents or riding as a passenger at the back of a bike?

Health Insurance companies will cover your accidents as long as you are not under the influence or negligent.

What is the condition of residence?

Clients applying for health insurance must be residents of Thailand.

Can I visit a hospital of my choosing?

Yes, you are free to choose any medical provider you are comfortable with. However, each insurance company has a network list, if you go to a hospital or clinic that is not on their list you would have to pay first and get reimbursed.

Are people with pre-existing condition covered?

Everyone is welcome to apply, you will get coverage but unfortunately pre-existing conditions will be excluded from the coverage.

What are the general exclusions?

The policy usually states general exclusions but, feel free to ask your agent of the copy of the policy wording before purchase.

If I apply now, when will I get my documents?

Application process is different for everyone, the process can take longer if you have pre-existing conditions. Application process is 3-4 days and once you sign the offer letter the Card and Policy will be sent to your specified address within 7-10 business days.

How to contact you ?

You can always call us at our Hotline : 02-985-9123 or Chat with us LINE@ @mr.prakan or Email us :

Office hours Mon-Fri : 08:00 - 17:30

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