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Dental Insurance Coverage

There are 6 types of coverage included in Dental coverage, please see the benefits of the dental plans below.

Maximum coverage (insurance sum)

This is the maximum amount that is covered by the insurance company, any amount exceeding this will be shouldered by the client. Maximum amount covered ranges from 17,000 / year - 26,000 per year.

Scaling Fluoride / Routine Cleaning

Scaling, tooth polishing, fluoride coating and teeth cleaning. This will cover your basic dental bi-annual routine cleaning with at least 6 months interval between each treatment

Dental Fillings, Restoration and Extraction

Dental fillings, restoration and extraction will also be covered under this plan, bi-annually with at least 6 months interval between each treatment.(X-rays are not covered under this policy)

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Adults find it necessary to have their wisdom teeth extracted depending on what the dentists recommend. The insurer will cover this under the plan, bi-annually with at least 6 months interval between each treatment. (X-rays are not covered under this policy)

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals or any root treatment is covered under the dental plans, no limit on visits.

Accidental dental treatment

Other insurance policies include Maternity cover, plans in Thailand do not have the option to take this out, it usually comes with the plan as a bonus or the plan is a much higher plan so it includes maternity coverage.

Because accidents happen all the time, this dental plan covers accidental dental treatment with a 10% deductible on all treatments.

To find a dental insurance plan. Or the most appropriate dental insurance for you. The insured must compare insurance plans and compare coverage to get the right insurance plan that best suits your needs.

Steps in Applying for dental insurance

Buying dental insurance in Thailand is simple & easy

To buy dental insurance in Thailand, simply follow these steps :

  1. Apply via our website or contact our Customer Service Representative for Application form.
  2. Submit Copy of Passport or ID card.
  3. Pay the Invoice Premium
  4. You’re Covered.
  5. Original Policy and Card will be delivered to your specified address in 7-10 business days by Registered EMS.

You can send additional documents to us by LINE Chat with us or by Email [email protected]


Who can buy dental insurance?

Anyone can buy dental insurance, as long as you are within the age range that is specified by the insurance company. Anyone between the age of 15-60 years old are eligible to apply.

Is there any waiting period?

Dental Insurance policies have a waiting period of 65 days , except for accidents, as accidents are covered immediately.

Do I need to pay the Clinic / Hospital first and then get reimbursed?

If you go to an affiliate clinic or hospital then you wouldn’t need to pay anymore as the insurance company will pay the coverage. Just show your Dental Card and the clinic or hospital will call the insurance company. Should client go to a clinic or hospital that is not affiliated, please keep all documents and send originals to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Where to get dental services?

The insured person can get dental treatment with the hospital or clinic in the network of over 200 insurance companies nationwide. The third-party insurer see the hospital and clinic network here.

What is personal secretarial service?

Personal secretarial services are Services that appoint dentists before the service. The insured will not have to wait, you can make an appointment through the number and they will find a clinic or hospital for you. This service is available from 8am to 8pm.

Are Dental Consultations costly?

Consultations are free and the insured can call the dentist for consultation at no cost.

If I apply today when will I be covered?

Most insurance companies have a 30 day waiting period when it comes to illnesses for emergent accidents, companies usually cover immediately. When buying Health insurance clear this up with your agent.

If I apply now, when will I get my documents?

The policy will be sent by PDF file and they can get it through LINE or email within a day, the customer can use this PDF file until the insurance policy is issued. Policies usually take 7-14 business days to get produced.

How to contact you ?

You can always call us at our Hotline : 02-985-9123 or Chat with us [email protected] @mr.prakan or Email us : [email protected]

Office hours Mon-Fri : 08:00 - 17:30

Cashless Service in Selected Hospitals
Cashless Services available in Selected Hospitals and Clinics, no need to pay just show your Dental Card.

Personal Secretarial Services
Insurance Company will appoint dentists available to you and near your area. Service Hours 8 am - 8 pm.

No Dental Checkup Needed
No dental check up needed before applying, you can just apply for cover.

Can use with other benefits
If you already have dental insurance or insurance and wish to use this insurance as add on its possible!

Free Consultation
Consultation is free of charge in Selected Hospitals and Clinics.

More than 200 Hospitals
Affiliated with more than 200 Hospitals and Clinics.

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Payment Options
We have easy payment options!
Claim Assistance
All your claims will be handles by our staff
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