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Health/Covid/Travel plans for entry to Malaysia. Government & Immirgration Approved. Covid-19 Cover. Certificate Provided.

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Due to the rules and regulations for travelling to Malaysia , a travel/covid insurance might be needed for the entry of Malaysia. Our plan meets the authorities in Malaysia, in which you are able to purchase a policy and receive the insurance policy and Covid certificates in seconds.

Main Benefits of Health/Covid/Travel Insurance for Malaysia

Insured by Allianz/AWP SA Health and Life

Your benefits are underwritten by Allianz - AWP SA Health and Life.

Satisfies the requirement to Enter Malaysia

Our plan satisfies the requirements set by the government and immigration of Malaysia

Covid-19 Cover

This policy covers the medical expenses of Covid-19 or Coronavirus as required by the government and immigration of Malaysia

No waiting period

The coverage will start on the effective date as soon as you leave your country of residence.

Easy & Simple

Getting a policy from us takes less than 3 mins! The process is very easy and simple. Pick a plan, pay and the policy is sent instantly to your email.

Certificate Provided

Insurance Certification for Covid-19 will be provided along with your policy so you will be able to show this to the immigration when entering Malaysia.

Medical & Emergency Treatment Included

Medical expenses cover, accidental cover, third-party cover, luggage insurance, 24/7 emergency assistance coverage. All of these coverage are included with this policy.

Coverage Up to 69 years old.

We can insure from the age of 0 to 69 years old. We have been working hard to find plans that will be suitable for everyone.

What do you need to do in order to enter Malaysia (Updated 2022)

Malaysia Travel Restrictions

Status: Not Open. 

Malaysia is presently closed to travelers, with the exception of individuals with resident cards and legitimate employment contracts. Those arriving through the Langkawi international travel bubble and the VTL with Singapore are the exceptions. Malaysia intends to reopen to travelers on April 1, 2022.

Travelers who have been fully vaccinated can enter through the Langkawi International Travel Bubble scheme.

VOA : Not available.


Arrange for a visa, fill out the MySejahtera form, plan your itinerary, and make tour bookings, return tickets.


Newcomers who fit the strict conditions must quarantine for 5-10 days in a government-designated facility or at home. Before you may exit quarantine, you must have a negative COVID-19 test. The quarantine period is as follows: 5 days after being fully immunized with a booster shot. 7 days after being fully immunized without a booster. 10 days if not immunized.

Extra cost

You'll need travel/health insurance with at least $80,000 USD of coverage.

Internal travel restrictions

The provinces have different travel limitations.

Face covering

All public locations, including stores, restaurants, movies, marketplaces, and restaurants, required people to wear masks.

Border crossing:

Crossing into Thailand (Peninsular Malaysia) and into Indonesia (Borneo) is prohibited. Between Malaysia and Singapore, there is a land VTL.

Insurance Coverage Plans - Full coverage

Allianz International
Tourist/on arrival/STV/OA/OX/Non-B

Medical ExpensesAmount
Maximum benefit per person per year150,000 €/150,000 USD
Surgery and hospitalization - without deductible or waiting period100% of expenses
Medical, Paramedical, Consultations, Pharmacy, X-ray, laboratory analysis100% of expenses
Covid-19 medical expenses100% of expenses
Urgent dental care300 €/ 300 USD
Dental care Following Accident600 €/600 USD
Motorcycle Accidents coverage (driving or passenging)Full Cover (up to 125cc)
Medical transportation for medical reason100% of expenses
Repatriation100% of expenses
Presence of a family member if hospitalized for more than 7 days - ticket + 2,800 THB / night (max. 8 hotel nights).Outward/Return
Early return following the death of a member of the close familyOne way ticket
Shipment of indispensable medicine that cannot be found on the spot100% of expenses
Transmission of an urgent message100% of expenses
Research fees3,000 €/3,000 USD
Advance loan in case of theft700 €/ 700 USD
Legal assistance3,000 €/3,000 USD
Advance on bail (legal case)7,000 €/7,000 USD
Transport of body in case of death100% of expenses
Civil LiabilityAmount
Personal injury4,575,000 €/USD
Damage to property and consequential losses therefrom450,000 €/450,000 USD
Entrusted objects during a period of internship11,500 €/11,500 USD
Deductible per file and per claim100 €/100 USD
Individual Accident / Accidental Death and Dismemberment BenefitsAmount
Accidental death8,000 €/8,000 USD
Permanent disability benefit further to an accident30,000 €/30,000 USD
Luggage InsuranceAmount
During the return ticket1,150 €/1,150 USD

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