Buy Rental Motorbike Insurance in Thailand

Hit a house ? Hit a car next to you ? we have got you covered for thrid party damange to property

Coverage of personal accident for the third-party. Accidently hit a person ? We pay up to 500,000/person

We will bail you out if you were put in jail due to Careless or Reckless driving



Public Liability

Public liability cover can be broken down into two categories, in which there is a combine limit of these 2 coverages of 10,000,000 THB (Combine limit) per accident :
1.1 Loss of life, bodily injury, illness or health of third party include the passenger
1.2 Loss of or damage to property of third party

Loss of life, bodily injury, illness or health of third party

This coverage is a third-party coverage for the personal accident and medical expenses of the third party, this includes death, and bodily injuries and dismemberment with a limit of THB 500,000 per person and 10,000,0000 THB per ocurrence.

Third-Party Property Coverage

This coverage is a third-party coverage for property damages with a limit of 200,000 THB per ocurrence.

Extended Coverage

Extended coverage is the coverages that are included in this policy other than the third-party coverage.


In Thailand, by law, if you are being involved in a big accident, the police department may put you in jail. This coverage will bail you out of jail so don't have to be in it. The policy will pay out 200,000 THB for bailbond coverage (to bail you out of jail).

*Please see the full table details of the policy below.

0-124 CC.2,567
125-249 CC.2,733
250 - 1,500 CC.2,848


Do I really need rental motorbike insurance while renting a motorbike in Thailand?

Rental motorbike insurance is a way for you to have peace of mind, you can be the most careful person in the world but, driving on a motorbike is unpredictable and it's better to be safe than sorry.

When you rent a motorbike is it better to ask if the motorbike has full insurance?

Yes. However in Thailand, there is no full-comprehensive coverage for rental motorbike insurance, there is only third-party insurance for the motorbikes that you are renting (which we are offering).

If the motorbike does not have full insurance, what will happen?

You must pay all the damages or even more. With this insurance, the policy will cover you for damages done to the third-party (including property) up to 10,000,000 THB (combine limit).

Can I buy these insurance policies if I already rented out the motorbikes ?

Yes, you will need to select the start and end date of your coverage. No hidden fees, Just pick the dates you want to be covered and that's it.

What does 10,00,000 THB damage to third parties include?

It includes damage to property and people that are involved in the accident. If you are involved in an accident that involves people needing medical care, their hospital treatment will be covered. Other damages to property (including third-party vehicles) will also be taken care of.
Note: This is the biggest advantage of this insurance, if you don’t have coverage then you must pay for everything yourself.

Are there other full insurance plans for motorbike rentals?

None. This is the first of its kind in Thailand.
Note: Some people say they are selling cover for the motorbike, this might not be true as this insurance is the first of its kind.

If you’ve purchased a health insurance policy or travel insurance policy in your home country, doesn’t it already cover damage to the motorbike and third party accidents?

It covers your own medical expenses but will not cover damages done for the motorbike and the third party accident (we cover third-party damages).

What is the biggest problem in case of an accident, if you don’t have full insurance?

The time wasted, the money wasted, usually will increase a lot the price when you break the motorbike or do damage to it. The best way to deal with it is to buy insurance that will take care of everything.
Note: The problem is taken care of the company, you can simply enjoy your holiday.

What does Bailbond coverage cover?

In Thailand if you have been involved in an accident for the reasons being A )Drunk Driving B) Careless & Reckless driving , you could be put in Jail ( Temporary ) . Therefore , this bailbond coverage will bail you out of Jail.
Note: Please don't drink and drive and do drive carefully.

What area will the policy be active ?

The policy will work in all areas as long as you drive the rental motorbike within Thailand).




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