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Coverage of Renters Insurance

Depending on the contract you sign with the property owner it might be a good idea to get Renters Insurance for the property you are renting because you might be held responsible for unexpected damages to the property even when you are not the one who did the damage. Even with great terms and conditions on your contract with the property owner, it is recommended to get a policy put in place since it would give you many coverages when things go wrong.

These are the main coverage of Renters Insurance:

Fire and other hazards

In the event of a fire, you need to take appropriate steps to minimize the damage to your property. This means getting the insurance policy right can take away your responsibility for taking care of the problem like the cost of fire extinguishing, which can be costly at times. Natural disasters such as fire, lighting (including damage to electrical appliances) and damage caused by a short circuit, aircraft disasters, smoke and water hazard, and protection from flood are not anyone's fault but they can happen to any property. Getting the right policy will protect your business, changing an unfortunate event to being only a small setback.

Robbery (stealing, stealing, plundering)

Coverage will also protect from theft. It will cover the loss of furniture or contents inside your property within the building. In addition to protecting lost items, damage to property is also covered such as tampered with doors or windows. (IT equipment is also covered such as notebooks, mobile, computers, etc.) But even more importantly most insurance policy also covers the damage that happens to your property to keep your business going.

Third-party liability

Coverage of third-party liability is covered, if a death or injury occurred within your rental property caused by an incident. This will be covered under the terms and conditions of the insurance company.

Glass Insurance

Damage to glass installed in your house or replacement of glass that is damaged or broken due to theft or robbery will be covered under the terms and conditions of an insurance company.

Cash Insurance

Cash insurance covers and protects cash that is in the home during an incident of theft or robbery. Some insurance companies cover and protect the home with this coverage with a limit on the cash lost, although some companies do not cover this as well - check with your agent or broker to see if this is covered in your chosen plan.

The expense for temporary accommodation

The coverage for temporary accommodation compensation is the payment of the insurance company for you to stay in a rented room or hotel while your home is being repaired due to damage cost by an incident. If your place is not livable, the insurance company will compensate your alternative living expenses until your house is livable again. This coverage is limited as well and not all companies cover this - check with your broker or agent about the details of your plan to be sure.

Third-party liability

Coverage of third-party liability is covered, if there is a death or injury that occured within your rented home or condo that is caused by an incident. This will be covered under the terms and conditions of the insurance company.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident for home and condo insurance is covered should the accident happen in the home or condo ( Coverage is only available to ages Persons under 70 years old )

Additional coverage

In addition to the main coverage, each insurance company has a different additional coverage such as flood coverage, family members' death compensation, temporary placement compensation if the facility is not livable, maintenance cost, design costs, work control, and so on. Please check with your agent or broker about the inclusions of your policy. To find the best plans for rental property, you must always compare available plans and options and also take a look at the terms and conditions from both the insurance companies and the OIC thoroughly.

How to Buy Renters Insurance

Buying Renters Insurance is simple & easy

To apply for Renters Insurance, we will need the documents from you below (This applies to every insurance company) :

  1. Complete the Application form via our website. Or buy through our staff through email or @LINE
  2. Send a copy of your Passport(Foreigner) or ID Card (For Thais)
  3. Send a copy of the House Registration
  4. Pay Premium
  5. Immediate Protection (We will Send a Temporary PDF to you confirming your coverage)
  6. The original documents (policy) will be sent to your mailing address within 7-14 days
Documents can be sent as a photo via Email [email protected]





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