Health insurance for OX visa Thailand

Coverage of Health Insurance (Mandatory and optional For OX Visa)

IPD / Inpatient Cover

This coverage is required and should have a minimum sum insured of 100,000 USD or 3,000,000 THB of Coverage. This cover is for hospitalization purposes, meaning that you are admitted and required to stay overnight or a couple of days due to the doctor’s recommendation.

OPD / Outpatient Cover

This coverage is also required when applying for a visa and should have a minimum cover of 1,200 USD or 40,000 baht of coverage annually. This coverage is for doctor’s visits and outpatient procedures that do not require you to stay in the hospital for observation. This includes prescribed medications and lab exams that doctors prescribe.

Dental Cover

This is not required for an OX visa - but if you can add this as an option. Coverage for Dental related concerns, this coverage includes normal procedures, cleaning, fillings, etc. This however does not cover anything related to cosmetic procedures. **optional coverage. If you are looking for only dental insurance, please check the coverage and price here:Dental Insurance Thailand

Deductible / Excess

Helps lower the cost of your premium, a specified amount of money that the insured must pay before the insurance company will pay a claim. **optional coverage.

Steps in Applying for health Insurance for an OX VISA

To apply for health insurance, we will need the documents from you below (This applies to every insurance company) :
  1. Apply via our website or contact our Customer Service Representative for an Application form.
  2. Submit a Copy of your Passport with a Verified Signature.
  3. Wait for Offer Letter.
  4. Accept the Offer Letter.
  5. Pay the Invoice Premium
  6. You’re Covered.
  7. Original Policy and Card will be delivered to your specified address in 7-10 business days by Registered EMS.
*You can use the scanned copies of the policy to apply for visas with immigration.
You can send additional documents to us by emailing [email protected].

OX visa Thailand Qualifications and Requirements

Applicant's qualifications

  1. You have to be 50 or older
  2. Applicants must be citizens of (1) Japan (2) Australia (3) Denmark (4) Finland (5) France (6) Germany (7) Italy (8) Netherlands (9) Norway (10) Sweden (11) Switzerland (12) United Kingdom (13) Canada (14) United States of America
  3. Financial qualifications
    1. (a) Applicants must have money deposited in a Thai bank located in Thailand with an amount of not less than 3 million Baht; or (b) Applicants must have money deposited in a Thai bank located in Thailand an amount of not less than 1.8 million Baht and an income of not less than 1.2 million Baht per year. Once applicants enter Thailand, they have to have accumulated money deposited in a Thai bank located in Thailand not less than 3 million Baht within 1 year.
    2. The money in (a) and (b) must be kept in a bank account for at least 1 year before withdrawing and, within another next year, the money must be left in the account with the amount of not less than 1.5 million Baht and can only be spent in Thailand.
  4. According to Ministerial Regulation No. 14 (B.E. 2535), applicants must not have Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Elephantiasis, drug addiction, or the third stage of Syphilis.
  5. Applicants must have Thai medical insurance during their stay in Thailand (per the approval of the Office of Insurance Commission) and medical claims for outpatient must not be less than 40,000 Baht, for inpatients must not be less than 400,000 Baht.

Required Documentation

  1. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your trip.
  2. Three (3) application forms and 3 photographs (size 4 X 6 cm. taken within the last 6 months)
  3. One (1) biography
  4. Financial evidence
    1. A bank deposit certificate with the bank's contact info, a copy of the bank book, and a bank statement that shows a bank deposit of at least 3 million Baht in a Thai bank; OR
    2. An official deposit certificate indicating the bank's contact info, a copy of the bank book and a bank statement showing a fixed deposit of at least 1.8 million Baht in a Thai bank, and an income certificate for at least 1.2 million Baht (local currency equivalent) a year. Once they get to Thailand, they have to deposit 3 million Baht in a Thai bank.)
  5. Applicants who have permanent residency in another country must provide a criminal record clearance from both their country of nationality and their country of permanent residence.
  6. Medical certificate from the country where the applicants apply visa stating that they don't have any prohibited diseases, as per Ministerial Regulation No. 14 (B.E.2535), which includes Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Elephantiasis, drug addiction, and Syphilis. The medical certificate can't be older than three months.
  7. Proof that applicants have insurance as stipulated by the Office of Insurance Commission and health insurance of Thailand, which has insurance money for outpatients no less than 40,000 Baht and for inpatients no less than 400,000 Baht.
  8. Visa fee: 10,000 Baht (local currency equivalent)

Children under 20 can apply for a Non-O-X visa with the following documents:

  1. A copy of the marriage certificate and documents must be presented by the spouse (no age restriction)stated in 1-8.
  2. Children under 20 must show a copy of their birth certificate or proof of legitimacy, and they also have to submit documents 1-3, 7 and 8

How to Apply for a Non-O-X Visa (in case of applying outside Thailand)

  1. Foreigners with the right qualifications can apply for Non-O-X Visas at the Royal Thai Embassy/Royal Thai Consulate-General in their country.
  2. The Royal Thai Embassy/Royal Thai Consulate-General reviews candidates' qualifications and documents.
  3. If the visa is approved, foreigners (main applicant, spouse, and lawful child under 20 years old) will get a five-year Non-O-X visa
  4. Upon arrival in Thailand, the immigration officer will give non-O-X visa holders a stay permit for up to 5 years.

Other Useful Information

Benefits of Non-O-X visas

  1. You can volunteer (in accordance with the Department of Employment's list of volunteer work).
  2. Vehicles can be purchased (under motor vehicle laws).
  3. Can buy a condo (according to the Condominium Act).
    1. foreigners with another type of Visa/Visa Exemption can apply for a Non-O-X visa at the Immigration Bureau.
    2. It's possible for foreigners who come to Thailand with a Non-O-X visa to change to a different visa type by submitting a request to the Immigration Bureau. Visa approvals for spouses and children will change based on the status of the main applicant. If the spouse meets the qualifications, he/she can apply for Non-O-X on his/her own.
  4. You can apply for another type of non-immigrant visa if your spouse/child doesn't qualify for a Non-O-X visa.
  5. After 90 days in Thailand, foreigners must notify the Immigration Bureau of their residence, and they have to do it every 90 days.
  6. Foreigners must report to the immigration officer every year to get their qualifications and documents checked.
  7. Non-O-X visa holders' stay permits may be revoked if they meet the following conditions:
    1. Foreigners don't have financial proof as required by the above qualification, like at the end of the first year in Thailand, there's less than 3 million Baht in the bank account. At the end of the second year of staying in Thailand, you can't have less than 1.5 million Baht in your bank account.
    2. Foreigners don't have insurance.
    3. Foreigners threaten Thailand's peace and security.
    4. Foreigners work illegally.




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