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Our use cases :

Share Links on Social Media
We have many affiliate partners sharing their affiliate links on their social media accounts including Facebook, Youtube, and Blogs. Converted leads and sales are showing up on your dashboard automatically.
Affiliate Partners and Creators/Kols
Youtube Videos
We have many YouTubers recommending our products to their audience and followers. This includes people like Ride with Gabi, TheThailandLife, David Matthews, and many more. You can start earning from promoting our products by including links in the description, comment section.
Youtuber/ Social Media Influencer
Business Partners
We have businesses that want to start offering insurance to their customers. Some use our links to share them with their customers. Some talk to us to find or to make up insurance just for them. 2 examples will be: 1. Motorbike rental shop, they want to start offering rental insurance for their customers 2. Ski and Snowboard Club, want to start offering travel insurance that will cover them for loss of items (ski, snowboard, helmets and also cover them for medical expenses from skiing and snowboarding). We came up with a product for them to offer to their customers and also provide them with tech support as well as customer service.
Business Partners
One of our partners wanted to run an insurance comparison website, we were able to offer them a white-labeling solution to them, in which they were able to connect to our site (white-label system) without any problems. With their branding, they were able to start their insurance business without spending anything.
A second-hand car startup/marketplace platform wanted to offer car insurance as an add-on on their site. When viewing for a car, they wanted the option to compare the policies instantly on their site, with our existing API, they were able to these micro-services policies to their users on the website directly. In addition to that, they were able to build up a car insurance comparison site with their branding as well using our API technology.
Microservices Insurance
Some of our partners want to offer insurance as an add-on to their business. One example of that would be a house, condo renting business website. Our partner wants to start offering insurance when people book to rent a room/house on their platform. We tailor-made (exclusive) a product just for their business. With our API and web services, they were able to offer insurance as an 'add-on' to sell along with their booking for their rooms, providing coverage for their customers, and also earning commission on their platforms.
Microservices Insurance

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Any questions, problems, enquires, we will help you right away. We are here for you.

All the data at your disposal

Our system collects and displays data to you in real time.

So you dont have to worry about your earnings and performance, we will help you track them. Fair and Transparent

Data on your dashboard are updated in real time. You are always updated.

We are partners

And we mean it.

We want to grow alongside you. Have a product in mind that would fit your audience? Tell us about it!

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