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Health/Covid/Travel plans for entry to Laos. Government & Immirgration Approved. Covid-19 Cover. Certificate Provided.

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Due to the rules and regulations for travelling to Laos , a travel/covid insurance might be needed for the entry of Laos. Our plan meets the authorities in Laos, in which you are able to purchase a policy and receive the insurance policy and Covid certificates in seconds.

Main Benefits of Health/Covid/Travel Insurance for Laos

Insured by Chubb/MGEN/MUTUAIDE Assistance

Your benefits are underwritten byInsured by Chubb/MGEN/MUTUAIDE Assistance.

Satisfies the requirement to Enter Laos

Our plan satisfies the requirements set by the government and immigration of Laos

Covid-19 Cover

This policy covers the medical expenses of Covid-19 or Coronavirus as required by the government and immigration of Laos

No waiting period

The coverage will start on the effective date as soon as you leave your country of residence.

Easy & Simple

Getting a policy from us takes less than 3 mins! The process is very easy and simple. Pick a plan, pay and the policy is sent instantly to your email.

Certificate Provided

Insurance Certification for Covid-19 will be provided along with your policy so you will be able to show this to the immigration when entering Laos.

Medical & Emergency Treatment Included

Medical expenses cover, accidental cover, third-party cover, luggage insurance, 24/7 emergency assistance coverage. All of these coverage are included with this policy.

Coverage Up to 65 years old.

We can insure from the age of 0 to 65 years old. We have been working hard to find plans that will be suitable for everyone.

What do you need to do in order to enter Laos (Updated 2022)

Laos Travel Restrictions

Status: Partially Open

Laos has reopened a number of provinces as part of its Green Travel initiative. Travelers from 21 different countries may now enter.

Travelers from China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, New Zealand, Poland, and Belgium are included in this group.

VOA: Not Available

 All visa-on-arrival services are temporarily halted.


You must get a visa in advance, have a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of departure(a ‘Fit to Fly’ Certificate issued no more than 72 hours prior to travel.), complete a Certificate of Entry issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. , a Health Declaration form, and demonstrate a 14-night reservation in a quarantine hotel or center.

COVID-19 insurance ($100), the GPS tracker rental ($6 x 15 days) + $200 refundable deposit, and COVID-19 PCR test ($65). You must have at least $400 in cash (new, clean notes) to pay for all of these things.


Upon arrival in Laos, all travelers must quarantine at a government-approved hotel for 7 nights. All visitors are required to wear a GPS tracker for the length of their stay.

Extra cost: 

A $200 USD deposit is required for the GPS tracker, as well as a $6 USD rental fee

Internal travel restrictions: 

The provinces have different travel limitations.

Face covering: 

Masks are required in all public venues.

Border crossing:

The borders with Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam are accessible, but access is limited.

Insurance Coverage Plans - Full coverage

Chubb & Mgen
Tourist/on arrival/STV/OA/OX/Non-B

Medical Expenses Amount
Maximum benefit per person per year 300,000 €/300,000 USD
Surgery and hospitalization - without deductible or waiting period 100% of expenses
Medical, Paramedical, Consultations, Pharmacy, X-ray, paramedical procedures 100% of expenses
Covid-19 medical expenses 100% of expenses
Emergency dental treatment 300 €/ 300 USD
Dental treatment following an accident 600 €/600 USD
Motorcycle accident medical expenses Full Cover (up to 125cc)
Death lump sum benefit (including Covid-19) 8,000 €/8,000 USD
Accidental death lump sum benefit 30,000 €/30,000 USD
ASSISTANCE BENEFITS (including Covid-19) Amount
Medical transportation for medical reason 100% of expenses
Accompaniment during the transport of the insured 100% of expenses
Repatriation of the body in case of death Actual expenses (funeral expenses limited to €1,500)
Visit from a relative in case of hospitalisation longer than 6 days Return ticket + €80 per night (max 8 nights)
Early return following the death of a member of the immediate family Inbound ticket – actual costs
Extension of the stay for medical reasons Inbound ticket + €80 per night (max 15 nights)
Evacuation in case of unstable political situation (acts of terrorism) Inbound ticket
Dispatch of essential medicines which cannot be found on site 100% of actual costs
Tranmission of urgent messages 100% of actual costs
Search costs 100% up to €5,000
Cash advance in case of theft or loss up to €700
Legal representative fees up to €3,000
Advance of bail up to €7,000
Civil Liability Amount
Personal injury 4,500,000 €/USD
Damage to property and consequential losses therefrom 450,000 €/450,000 USD
Entrusted objects during a period of internship 11,500 €/11,500 USD
Deductible per file and per claim 100 €/100 USD
Luggage Insurance Amount
Theft,Total or partial destruction,Reissuance costs of official documents in case of theft,Loss during the transportation by a transport company €/USD2,000 per contract (deductible of €30)
Late delivery of more than 24 hours Basic necessities with supporting documents up to €/USD150 per contract
Charter flights and regular flights - Delay exceeding 4 hours Costs of meals, transfer and first night, up to €/USD150 per person
Already Abroad Coverage Amount
8 days waiting period (counting from 1 day after the start date of the policy)

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Compare Plans & Premiums
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Select Plan and Pay
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You're Covered!

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