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Mister Prakan is the most trusted insurance marketplace online.

We have spent years trying to find the best insurance companies to work with, our mission is to help our clients make guided decisions based on our experience. We work out what you need and match it to different companies. There is simply no other company that will provide you with the honesty you deserve.

Tailor-made Quotes

If you are looking for a policy that is tailor made for you, please let us know. We will try our best to find you one that will suit what you are looking for. With our network of insurance companies we will try to find it for you. Although keep in mind we’re not real life superheroes, we cannot do the impossible.

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Let us help you choose your insurance policy

With years of experience with general insurance, we do know what’s best for you. The internet is a marketplace of different policies but take a load off your shoulders and let us help you decide. We will recommend the best companies that will suit your needs.

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Easiest way to get insured

Most people think of insurance and they imagine a ton of paperwork and weeks of negotiating. With Mister Prakan, you only need to fill in our online application forms and submit a few requirements (if needed) online.

No paperwork needed! We’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you, just sit back and relax and your insurance is on the way.

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Quick & Easy

Buying Insurance has never been this uncomplicated. With Mister Prakan, all the information you need is online. We’ll get you insured in no time.

We work with only the best insurance companies so you know you’re getting true value for money. With our online portal, you can quickly compare plans, prices and coverage and pay using our trusted online payment methods. It doesn’t get more effortless than that!

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Claims Assistance

All the insurance companies we recommend already have 24/7 assistance. In any instance that getting through to them seems like a hassle, we’re here to help you!

Going through Mister Prakan guarantees that you will be assisted through anything related to your insurance be it claims, requests or even complaints, take a seat, let us do this for you!

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100% Secured - Data Security Guaranteed

Your data is 100% secured with us. Your data is stored in government approved data centers with certified ISO and PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH compliant.

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What exactly is Mister Prakan?

Mister Prakan is an online comparison website that deals directly with insurance companies. With the ever changing world that we live in today, our goal is to give clients all the information they need online. We want to take something as complicated as insurance and make it simple like 1-2-3.

How does Mister Prakan work?

With Mister Prakan, you can just choose the plan that you want, click it, review the details, apply, pay and you’re covered! We really just want to keep it simple for everyone is looking for insurance.

Why compare insurance premiums and plans?

There are so many insurance policies out there and a lot of plans to choose from. Compare different premiums and plans using our website. You can’t just buy the first plan you see, like with anything its best to see what other options are out there and find the best fit for you.

Compare more than just prices.

When it comes to insurance, it's not just about the prices it's also about the coverage. With Mister Prakan, you can compare price, coverage and other details that can help you decide what’s the best insurance plan for you.

We've helped thousands of People Find the Right International Insurance Worldwide.

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