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Health Insurance in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the more charming nations situated in the orient and due to new regulations made by the government, has become one of the more interesting destinations for expatriates. Vietnam is a beautiful and interesting place to live, with beautiful scenes and attractions which attract tourists by the droves. This beauty also attracts a variety of expats to our country and there are now expat settlements in cities such as Hoh Chi Minh. Making the decision to pack up and settle in a new country with a new government and different rules can be just a little bit scary. It is normal to be concerned about housing, food, schools for the kids if any and the work position you plan to take up. However, it is also important for you to look out for your health and the potential options you have to take care of it.

Health is wealth and without it, we mostly cannot function, which is why it would behoove you to think about possible health insurance options before making the move to our beautiful country. Even if you're already situated and comfortable here you can still take advantage of the numerous options available as a preemptive measure.

While plans are underway to make healthcare universal in Vietnam with the government providing exceedingly generous subsidies, public hospitals are generally better in urban areas of Vietnam than in rural areas. There are however more than enough private healthcare facilities with the personnel and equipment available to take care of most ailments.

As you make your search for health insurance options it might seem a bit overwhelming as there are quite a number of options available and the process might get tiring. But there’s no need for that as health insurance in Vietnam can be broken down into three major categories which are: Travel, Local and International insurance.

Travel Insurance

This is insurance perfect for tourists and people who come here for short trips and may not be the best option for an expatriate. They are cheap, quick and easy to get but come with some limitations. They usually do not cover pre-existing conditions and mostly just do enough to send you back home

Local Vietnam Health Insurance

Local insurance refers to the coverage given by local Vietnamese companies. They have a few merits and demerits. They definitely offer more coverage than travel plans but plans are usually restricted to Vietnamese hospitals only. Renewals are calculated based on experience ratings but they provide an excellent billing system.

International Health Insurance

International insurance gives you the most access and ensures you get the best possible quality as an expat in Vietnam. While international coverage is more expensive, it allows for international treatment and is not restricted to Vietnamese hospitals. You are entitled to higher benefits, renewal based on community ratings, treatment from a wide range of specialists and treatment of pre-existing conditions.

Getting insurance in Vietnam can be an easy process if you work with the right agents. We are equipped with all the knowledge necessary to show you the insurance option that is perfect for your present state in life.

Coverage of International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance coverage usually has many sections, when clients want comprehensive cover that means that they want to be covered for everything. Everything includes the following : Inpatient, Outpatient, Dental, Maternity, Vision and Annual Check ups. Although not all insurance companies have comprehensive cover, there are a lot that do. You can also choose to add or remove the add ons but Inpatient is always mandatory.

IPD / Inpatient Cover

Coverage for emergency treatments that need you to be admitted for observation or analysis. Inpatient covers you for your hospitalization while you stay in the hospital overnight or more.

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