About Mister Prakan



Mister Prakan is an Insurance Brokerage located in the heart of Thailand. We provide General Insurance for individuals, families, companies and expatriates in Thailand. We have individuals who are highly trained in English and Thai. We give clients the attention they deserve because of our commitment to a caring approach to solve your insurance needs Our company is built on the foundation that quality service can be provided through the choices we provide. Customer service is not an after thought for us, it is the core of everything we do. We work with over 20 companies that provide our clients with their insurance needs. We give them a wide array of choices so that their options are limitless. We run a complete and easy-to-use comparison site for all types of insurance. We help you to find the best deal. We're always looking for ways to make comparing insurance better and smarter for you.


Mister Prakan's aim is to be the go-to web destination for all kinds of insurance in Thailand in the next 5 years. We want to make things easier for our clients and give them the information they need readily while they make their decisions. While other comparison websites only offer certain kinds of insurance, at Mister Prakan, we provide more.

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Quick and Easy!
Discounted Rates!
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Good Customer Service
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